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Take Me Back Tuesday | Powell Christmas…BOY Was It Different


Multiplication. It’s both a mathematics lesson and also a biblical command. ‘Be fruitful and multiply…fill the earth.’ My family seems to be taking that command quite seriously and here’s the deal, I love it. Being a photographer, I have implemented in my family that every year we will take a family photo and I say to them, ‘you may not appreciate it now, but you will years down the road so put on a happy face and smile.’ Well, it seems that lately, these family photos get ‘outdated’ more and more quickly. This Christmas, I texted them and said, ‘get ready for our family photo, it will be outdated in a matter of a few weeks after it is taken but, oh well.’ With two babies on the way, this photo will soon no longer be an adequate representation of our family but I’m still so glad that we took it. It reminds me of three things. 1. I love my family and the people that it includes. 2. God remains so faithful to us. 3. BOY are we outnumbered!

This Christmas was a little different than any we’ve had in the past because let’s be honest, it was a little more chaotic than usual. With four little ones, three of them being mobile, our few days together were filled with noise (notably, a good bit from laughter), movement and a honestly a few tears. It looked so very different from even just a few years ago when it was just us four women and our wonderful parents. In the last 7.5 years we have added EIGHT males! Eight! That means that the family dynamics have shifted entirely and I have to say…it’s been wonderful. The way we spend our time is different but boy (pun intended) is it sweet. Sports games are constantly playing, we throw balls, we make up games that include running and jumping on things, and we are focused on and all things cars, trucks and planes. Not to mention, the men of the family spent a full afternoon at the shooting range firing pistols. You can bet that NEVER happened when we were growing up. Yes, all my life the women dominated but now, we are significantly outnumbered. While I definitely hope there are some little women in our future, it is without a doubt a true benefit to have so many males added to our numbers and I am so very thankful for each one of them (maybe one a little more than others wink wink).

It was a chaotic few days but it was beautifully chaotic and I am so very thankful to have spent this holiday season with my dear family!

So, in the name of family, multiplication and being outnumbered 9 to 5,

I Say, Take Me Back!

We tried to get a grandparent picture but sitting still isn’t our greatest strength at this point. This is the best we got. STOMPED_0162 This is my favorite though because let’s be real…it’s the most accurate.  STOMPED_0163 Love this three so very much. Thankful to watch and learn from them as they rock being wives and moms.  STOMPED_0164

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Best of 2015 | Portraits


I love this time of year because it really allows me to reflect on all that has happened and to celebrate my many blessings! If you know me at all or have followed the blog for even half a minute, you’ll probably pick up on the fact that I am highly sentimental. So, naturally the posts at the end of the year that are reflective tend to be my favorite! A few days ago, I posted some of my favorite images from my 2015 Weddings and today, in the same vein, I am sharing some of my favorite images from my 2015 portrait sessions. With a mix of engagements, bridals, newborns and families…it’s been an incredible year for portraits and as I have said a thousand times, I continue to be amazed at the wonderful people that I get to photograph. So, enjoy some of my favorites from my portrait sessions this year!

Happy Monday!
Bestof2015-0009 Bestof2015-0030 Bestof2015-0125 Bestof2015-0135 Bestof2015-0149 Bestof2015-0128 Bestof2015-0134 Bestof2015-0137 Bestof2015-0140 Ellis_0009 Bestof2015-0151 Bestof2015-0153 Bestof2015-0154 Bestof2015-0142 Bestof2015-0138 STOMPED_0154
Bestof2015-0133 Bestof2015-0130 Bestof2015-0124 Bestof2015-0045 Bestof2015-0115 Bestof2015-0120 Bestof2015-0117 Bestof2015-0107 Bestof2015-0108 STOMPED_0153 STOMPED_0152 Bestof2015-0116 Bestof2015-0031 STOMPED_0151
Bestof2015-0046 Bestof2015-0051 Bestof2015-0112 Bestof2015-0118 Bestof2015-0122 Bestof2015-0113 Bestof2015-0106 Bestof2015-0050 Bestof2015-0119 STOMPED_0138 STOMPED_0133 STOMPED_0116 Bestof2015-0152 Bestof2015-0150 Bestof2015-0141
Bestof2015-0131 Bestof2015-0127 Bestof2015-0126 STOMPED_0132 STOMPED_0098
Bestof2015-0148 STOMPED_0148 STOMPED_0149

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Best of 2015 | Weddings

Bestof2015-0032 What a year it has been! I can’t even believe that it is almost 2016!  This year has absolutely flown by and it was yet another wonderful one for Mary Fields Photography. Yet again, I had the privilege of working with the most amazing clients who trust me to capture one of the most important days in their lives. I still find that to be so humbling and consider it one of the greatest honors. 2015 held so many fun memories for me and allowed me to literally travel the world telling couple’s stories through my lens. Preparing this blog left me stunned as I got to relive so much and to see just how MANY images I have taken! So many. So, as I look to 2016, here is a snapshot of my year with some of my favorite images from 2015!

Happy Saturday! Bestof2015-0051 Bestof2015-0025 STOMPED_0141 Bestof2015-0102

Bestof2015-0095 Bestof2015-0094 Bestof2015-0082 Bestof2015-0139
View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/lagrone-wedding-7-19-15 Bestof2015-0007 Bestof2015-0070 Bestof2015-0086 Bestof2015-0091 Bestof2015-0100 Bestof2015-0080 Bestof2015-0071 Bestof2015-0067 Bestof2015-0066 Bestof2015-0034 Bestof2015-0024 Bestof2015-0039 Bestof2015-0047 Bestof2015-0056 Bestof2015-0060 Bestof2015-0065 Bestof2015-0077 Bestof2015-0106 STOMPED_0143 STOMPED_0142 Bestof2015-0104 Bestof2015-0098 Bestof2015-0096 Bestof2015-0097 Bestof2015-0092 Bestof2015-0083 Bestof2015-0078 Bestof2015-0076 Bestof2015-0001 Bestof2015-0002 STOMPED_0146 Bestof2015-0003
Bestof2015-0008 Bestof2015-0010 Bestof2015-0011 Bestof2015-0012 Bestof2015-0014 Bestof2015-0015 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/lagrone-wedding-7-19-15 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/lagrone-wedding-7-19-15 Bestof2015-0019 Bestof2015-0020 Bestof2015-0022 Bestof2015-0027 Bestof2015-0029 Bestof2015-0036 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/jones-wedding-6-13-15 Bestof2015-0042 Bestof2015-0044 Bestof2015-0046 Bestof2015-0048 Bestof2015-0061 Bestof2015-0062 Bestof2015-0058 Bestof2015-0063 Bestof2015-0069 Bestof2015-0079 Bestof2015-0072

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A Merry Christmas To You

Today, we celebrate so many things. Hopefully you and your family are not only together, but also enjoying one another. Hopefully your belly is full of good food and your feet are warm by a fire…or at least warm if you’re like us and it’s 70 degrees outside. Hopefully you’ve been blessed in countless ways. What I really hope, though, this Christmas Day, is that you know the reason why this holiday even exists. I hope you know WHO we are celebrating and that He means something to you. Actually, not just something but that He means everything to you. For today we stop and we celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He was born in a manger and came humbly, living a life pure and free of sin. His life was solely purposed in His death so that He might redeem a people who had forsaken Him in their own rebellion. His death was made sweet in His resurrection as it paid for all of our our disobedience to God, freeing us from the weight of our own deaths. Now, we anxiously await the day that He will come again and put an end to suffering. So, today, we celebrate the incredible gift that God has given…the entrance of Jesus Christ into a broken world who was and is desperate for Him. Today, I am reminded of this great gift and it leads me to rejoicing. I hope it does the same for you.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder,and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.” Isaiah 9:6-7

With this hope, I celebrate today.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season! Praying that if you do not know this hope, that you would begin to seek it out.


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Take Me Back Tuesday | The Walking In Between

He was in the living room and had just put on some Christmas music, filling our little apartment with the sweetest tunes of the holidays. I had changed into some comfy clothes (not cute ones I might add) and had just tied the apron around my waist to begin making Christmas cookies for our neighbors. He was busy figuring out our new espresso machine we had gotten for Christmas because even though it was 7 pm, we just couldn’t wait to try it. We had just gotten home from a weekend trip to Houston where we celebrated Christmas with his family and had run to the grocery store on our way. When we got to our apartment we’d immediately unpacked our things, folded laundry and cleaned up…nothing glamorous. It was turning into a simple evening at home which had become quite a rarity for us lately. As I stood in the kitchen, my voice in tune with the Christmas carol that was coming through the speakers, (or mostly in tune) all of a sudden I just stopped. There was nothing in particular that caused me to pause. He didn’t say anything and there was nothing significant that happened. In fact, it was  the ‘insignificant’ that caught my attention. All at once, I become overwhelmed with thankfulness. Thankful for the warm apartment we were able to come home to…our own little ‘nest’ we called it. Thankful for food in my belly and the ability to even make treats for our neighbors. Thankful for the Christmas music that filled the air and told of the joy of our coming Savior. Thankful mostly though, for the man in the room next to me whose voice joined mine in song. There was nothing special about that moment other than the fact that it was incredibly ordinary. If you’d looked in the window, you wouldn’t have seen anything noteworthy. Just two people ‘doing life’ together on a Sunday evening. As I thought about it, I was reminded of these song lyrics that I’ve come to love and appreciate.
“There are way too many love songs
And I think they’ve got it all wrong
Cause life is not the mountain tops
It’s the walking in between
And I like you walking next to me”
-Ben Rector ‘I Like You’
In that simple evening at home, I was struck by the ‘walking in between.’ That space in between the mountain tops that seems insignificant and inglorious but yet holds an incredible purpose. As a wedding photographer and most certainly as a bride, it can be so easy to see the wedding day as the end all be all. The day of epic celebration. While it is definitely a day of unmatched celebration, the longer that I am married, the more I see that those days of just walking in between are truly incredible gifts. I’m so thankful to be walking with the one that God chose for me.
I was still baking when he came up to me, grabbed my hand and we just danced in the kitchen. I didn’t say it out loud, but right then I thought, ‘I bet I will cherish this memory forever.’
So, in the name of ‘walking in between’,
I Say Take Me Back!
Photo cred to the amazing Constance Higley!
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