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Ok, I can’t believe it is time for this post again. The year flew by but here we are…time for another installment of one of my favorite annual posts. Behind the Scenes with MFP.

All year long, I collect these from my weddings and portrait sessions and store them away for the end of the year. Some of them make me crack up laughing and some make me cringe! However, I love posting this side of things because it gives my readers an idea of what life is like on the other side of the lens. Not only that, but it’s a great way for me to relive the year from a perspective that I don’t even get to see. So, here you go. Feel free to laugh at me. I promise, I’m laughing too!

This series is called ‘The Many Faces Of MFP.’ To be honest, I never really thought of myself as an expressive person until about a year ago when I few of my friends told me that I undoubtedly was the most expressive person they knew. Then, as I was scrolling through these photos…I became convinced. Not all of them are pretty…in fact MOST aren’t so I can’t believe I’m showing them but here goes.

BehindtheScenes_0001 BehindtheScenes_0002 BehindtheScenes_0003 BehindtheScenes_0004 BehindtheScenes_0005 BehindtheScenes_0006 BehindtheScenes_0007 BehindtheScenes_0008 BehindtheScenes_0009 BehindtheScenes_0010 Yes, it looks like I fell asleep on the job on the one below…while standing at the front of the sanctuary. Nice, Mary, nice.  BehindtheScenes_0011 I have no idea… BehindtheScenes_0012 This is quite possibly one of the WORST photos of me but I had to post it. I was giving my sister lessons on focus and framing and well…this was the result. Oh dear. Talk about double chins and ginormous eyes!! Oh, and apparently I need to carry three hair bands with me at all times. Someone help me.
BehindtheScenes_0013 BehindtheScenes_0014 This series is called, ‘Short Girl Probz.’ I do this series every year because it’s hilarious. I just need a few extra inches so I find a way to make it happen. Do I look a little ridiculous in the process? Of course, but all worth it.  BehindtheScenes_0015 This is my trusty stool. In fact, I think I’ll name him Trusty. Yep, that fits. I take him everywhere and I’ve only run over him twice.  BehindtheScenes_0016 BehindtheScenes_0017 Yes, that is a child’s stool. When it’s a destination wedding and your ‘trusty’ stool is left at home, you make do.
BehindtheScenes_0018 BehindtheScenes_0019 This series is labeled, ‘Miss Bossy Pants.’ No explanation needed.  BehindtheScenes_0020 What do their expressions say about how they feel about me and what I asked them to do? The groom looks like he is saying, ‘Did I hear you correctly?’ BehindtheScenes_0021 If you all will just all come up here… BehindtheScenes_0022 Love their expressions. Such a mix of confusion, boredom and day dreaming.  BehindtheScenes_0023 Oh, how many times have I explained cake cutting?! At least they are intently listening! A shoutout to the amazing Candlelight Films! They are incredible and you should hire them.  BehindtheScenes_0024 BehindtheScenes_0025 You’re going to stand RIGHT here.  BehindtheScenes_0026 Again, the expressions are telling of how entertaining I am.  BehindtheScenes_0027 Is it just me, or does it look like I’ve majorly confused them? BehindtheScenes_0028 This last series is called, ‘Over My Shoulder’ and gives you just a good look at the behind the scenes on a MFP wedding day.  BehindtheScenes_0029 I’ll do just about anything for a good shot. Including walking through a VERY muddy flower field.  BehindtheScenes_0030 Baby whisperer? Hmmmm not really.  BehindtheScenes_0031 BehindtheScenes_0032 BehindtheScenes_0033 Now, I know it looks like I’m about to drink on the job but I assure you, I’m not!
BehindtheScenes_0034 Y’all, I don’t know what I’m saying here but it is obviously eliciting some funny faces from my clients!  BehindtheScenes_0035 I’ve decided that I use the thumbs up way too often. It’s my way of giving encouragement but I fear it’s a little overly enthusiastic.  BehindtheScenes_0036 BehindtheScenes_0037 Again, I have no idea what I said but it seems to be confusing.  BehindtheScenes_0038

You’ve got to be willing to stand alone as a wedding photographer, as demonstrated here.  BehindtheScenes_0039 BehindtheScenes_0040 This is why I have back problems.  BehindtheScenes_0041 Oh. My. Word. Someone please tell me to never stand like this again.  BehindtheScenes_0042 On the run.  BehindtheScenes_0043 Oh, the many skills I have accumulated.  BehindtheScenes_0044 BehindtheScenes_0045 On the run again.
BehindtheScenes_0046 I like to think that this picture proves that I’m funny.  BehindtheScenes_0047 BehindtheScenes_0048 BehindtheScenes_0049 BehindtheScenes_0050 Mirrors are sometimes my friend but most often they are my enemy.  BehindtheScenes_0051 I’ll leave you with these two images as they prep for my next blog post that expresses great gratitude to both my team and my wonderful clients! Again, I’m a little overly expressive… BehindtheScenes_0052 BehindtheScenes_0053

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