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BehindtheScenes_0086 I’m one lucky girl when it comes to the men and women who help make Mary Fields Photography possible. Seriously, not only do I have the best clients but I get to have the greatest people assist me and for that, I am so very grateful. They rarely get any recognition but without them, I’d get nothing done! So, today, I am going to show you a bit of the behind the scenes of the people who have made 2015 so wonderful.

First, I need to thank my amazing husband. This was the first year that he was officially a part of MFP, both as a loving supportive husband (cheering me on every step of the way) and also as an assistant photographer! Jimmy, I am a better photographer and business owner because of you. Thanks for always pushing me to be better, to challenge myself and to have confidence. With you in my corner, I feel like I can take on anything. Thanks also for the endless back rubs that are much-needed after a long wedding day!

Second, thanks to my amazing twin sister, Beth, who both photographed a Mexico wedding with me this year (at 6 months pregnant) and who also helped manage my office, including countless administrative and marketing tasks. People say you should be careful about working with family but let me just tell you, there may not be anyone else who champions my business more than she has over the years and who knows more about it. She has been such an incredible asset to my company these last three years and I am anxious for her to return from maternity leave!

Next, I need to thank my long-time assistant, Julie. Julie has been shooting weddings with me for almost 4 years now and I have to say, she is an extension of myself. The girl knows what I need before I even need it. She gets to shoot about 90% of my weddings each year and for that I am grateful. She is my number one light tester, my ultimate bag carrier, my dance partner and one heck of a photographer! Thanks Jules for being a trooper for so many weddings and for putting up with a lot of my ridiculousness. I’ve loved all of our adventures together!

I also need to thank someone who is not pictured in any of these images, my oldest sister, Allison. You might be asking, is this an entirely family run business?! Well, it’s close. Allison started working with me about three years ago as well, managing my contracts, all of my billing and some marketing. She has the gift of organization, which let’s just say God did not see fit to give me such a skill. She keeps me on track with so many things logistical and I couldn’t function without her. Sister, thanks for being patient with me and for keeping MFP in working order!

Last, I did get the opportunity to work with quite a few other photographers this year as well as videographers. I’m always so privileged to collaborate with such talented professionals and to learn from them. Thanks to all of my assistant photographers for your hard work and thanks to all the videography teams for being so wonderful to work with!

Here are some of my fav behind the scene images of the team of people that I had the privilege of working with in 2015.

So, in the name of having the greatest team ever,

I Say, Take Me Back!

BehindtheScenes_0055 I had to start with this one of Julie because honestly, it’s the only normal photo you will see of her in this entire post!  BehindtheScenes_0056 BehindtheScenes_0057 Veil fluffing is serious business! BehindtheScenes_0058 Such a great team for one of my summer weddings! BehindtheScenes_0059 Mexico. Hot. All Day shooting. No sleep. 6 months pregnant. Y’all, she is the
BehindtheScenes_0060 BehindtheScenes_0061 May I introduce you to ‘the tape.’ You are going to see quite a bit of it in this blog. This kinesio tape is how Julie even manages to make it through a long wedding day. I even thought about giving it its own blog because it has become such a part of MFP. BehindtheScenes_0062 BehindtheScenes_0063 She doesn’t look happy with me in this photo.  BehindtheScenes_0064 BehindtheScenes_0065 BehindtheScenes_0066 BehindtheScenes_0067 Can’t tell if she is pointing up or saying ‘hold up, I’m not posing for you anymore.’ BehindtheScenes_0068 Some of the wonderful photographers I got to work with this year! BehindtheScenes_0069 BehindtheScenes_0070 I’d like to say I know what was going on here but I don’t.  BehindtheScenes_0071 Oh, that tape.  BehindtheScenes_0072 Maybe she is rating my entertainment ability here. Thumbs down, Mary. Thumbs down.  BehindtheScenes_0073 Oh, my handsome husband just got even handsomer when that camera went in his hand.  BehindtheScenes_0074 BehindtheScenes_0075 ‘Yeah, that’s right. I’m a photographer.’ BehindtheScenes_0076 BehindtheScenes_0077 The time that Julie needed to do ‘stem therapy’ on her shoulder before the ceremony. Photography is rough, guys.
BehindtheScenes_0078 We were hot and sweaty but we didn’t care. We were going on 4 hours of sleep, we were in Mexico and we had finished the wedding day. All was well.  BehindtheScenes_0079 Sweet Christine. So glad I got to work with you! BehindtheScenes_0080 BehindtheScenes_0081 BehindtheScenes_0082 We look nothing alike. Nothing. You would imagine that people got confused but the fact that she was 6 months pregnant sure helped.  BehindtheScenes_0083 I’ll close with these images because they make me smile. Such a great year behind the scenes with these incredible people! BehindtheScenes_0084

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