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TMBT | First Married Holiday and What I’m Thankful For

If you’ve followed the blog for even half a week…you will undoubtedly know that I am hopelessly sentimental. I used to try to subdue it but I’ve learned to embrace that side of me and to laugh at how it makes my every day a little different from other people’s. I love to celebrate. Everything. Yep, even last night Jimmy and I did a little celebratory dance after finally getting our house clean. Come on people, it’s the little things! Plus, trust me, it needed to be cleaned.

So, you can imagine that holidays are always a fun thing for your truly. Be it July 4th (my fav holiday), Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will find me fully embracing the traditions and the celebrations. Well, this year marks something big. Holidays are almost always spent with family and this year, my family grew exponentially as I took on a new last name. Being the last of my sisters to get married, the system for handling holidays on my side was already set in place so that meant that this Thanksgiving was spent with my hubby’s family…now MY family! It is said that when you marry a man, you marry his family too and I just have to tell you, I feel pretty darn lucky to have married into the family that I did. They have welcomed me with open arms, never made me feel like an outsider and loved me from the start. Both his immediate family and his extended family are true gifts to us both. Often times at the Powell Thanksgiving table, we will go around and share what we are thankful for. Well, this year, if you’d asked me I would have said this, ‘I’ve always been thankful for family but this year I am especially thankful that the meaning of that word has expanded this year. So blessed to call both sides family.’

So, here are a few snapshots that we took at the Driver/Browder Family Thanksgiving. After all, when you have a photographer marry into the family, you sure had better expected this kind of thing to be subsequent. Just sayin’.

Jones_0063 Did I mention that a good portion of Jimmy’s family are Texas Longhorn fans…yeah, you should pray for family unity every October. Boomer.  Jones_0064 The Drivers!

Jones_0065 Had to.

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A Perkins Chapel Wedding | Rachel + Harris


It was spring of 2012 and he needed a date to his fraternity’s formal. He’d only seen a picture of her from her sorority composite but was taken by how naturally beautiful she was so he took a risk and asked her to go with him. She quickly found that they had a lot in common and that though she didn’t really know him, people always had the most wonderful things to say about him. Not to mention, in her own words, ‘I thought he was a total hunk.’ They quickly found that their unexpected blind date was the start of a very beautiful love story. Not only did they share common interests but they shared a common faith and therefore a common life purpose. This, as was so evident in their wedding, is the foundation of their relationship and the reason behind all that they do.

Over the next three years, their relationship deepened. Romance, along with friendship, combined to make it into the kind that you choose for forever. She fell in love with his consistency, the way he he treats his friends and most of all the way he loves Jesus. As she says, ‘He’s just really rad.’ Love that! His side is just the same. He was quickly taken by the way she mentors young women as they learn about faith in Christ, the way she cares for others and how she encourages him. Most of all though, he too loves how much she loves her Savior and how that propels her love for him.

So, one day, he tricked her into dressing up and when they got in the car, he blindfolded her as a surprise. He’d done this several times before, for fun dates, so she didn’t think much of it. When he took the blind fold off, she realized he had driven her to a field outside of town that had been special to them both. A place first special to her, where she would go to get away and then it became special to them both. He had set up a beautiful table with pictures, candles and his Bible. It was there that he knelt to the earth and asked her to be his bride.

What I love about Rachel and Harris is that they were more excited about their marriage than they were about their wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, they were super excited about that special day, but it was so easy to see that they had the big picture in mind. A long-lasting, God-honoring marriage and the wedding day was just the beginning of that! It was a day of the sweetest rejoicing with friends and family. Early on, Rachel had told me that she cared more about the candid moments than anything else (my kind of bride!) so I spent the day capturing some of the sweetest moments of her and Harris with their loved ones. Her first look with her dad and mom was maybe the highlight of my day…although, Harris’ face as she walked down the aisle might cause me to rethink that. It was the face of pure delight and joyful anticipation as his bride walked down the aisle to him. This, my friends, never gets old. I am so thankful for clients like Rachel and Harris who let me capture more than just the day by making it about more than just the day. It is such a privilege!

Rachel and Harris, being the photographer at your wedding was simply put, a great joy. I can’t express that enough! I am so looking forward to seeing where your journey as husband and wife takes you. I am confident, wherever that may be, that God has great plans!

Enjoy some of my favs from their beautiful wedding day!

Jones_0001 Jones_0002 Jones_0007 Jones_0009 Jones_0011 Sweetest moments with her parents.  Jones_0015 Jones_0018 Jones_0023 Jones_0025 Jones_0029 Jones_0031 One of my favorite photos I have ever taken. Such anticipation.  Jones_0032 Jones_0033 Jones_0034 Jones_0039 Jones_0041

This photo was certainly not posed. Just the genuine reaction of these two as they exited the chapel having been newly named husband and wife.  Jones_0042 Jones_0044 Jones_0046 Jones_0048 Jones_0061 Jones_0051 Jones_0053 They did a ‘first look’ at the ballroom and this was their reaction. Love it! Something Pretty Floral and Perfectly Planned by Pati both did an amazing job! Jones_0050 Jones_0054 Jones_0055 Jones_0056 Jones_0058 Jones_0059 To see more of Rachel and Harris’ beautiful wedding day, view the gallery below. 

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A Galveston Tremont House Wedding | Lindsey + Eric

View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15


I was literally singing and crying behind the lens during this sweet couple’s wedding. Literally. Tears filled my eyes and I sang along as their guests joined Lindsey and Eric in worship. It was so incredibly beautiful and I felt privileged to not only document it, but to share in the celebration.


I met them separately through people and church and I can’t even remember which one I met first. They didn’t meet each other until a few years later even though their circles of friends crossed over. It was 2014 and their mutual friends were hosting an Olympic party to celebrate the winter Olympics. He quickly noticed her competitive spirit and he was taken with it. She was equally taken with him. Over the next several months, their friendship grew and so did their interest in one another. That summer, he asked her on a date and from there it was pretty clear.


I remember talking to Lindsey about it all and she told me that she had prayed very specifically that God would leave no room for doubt as to whether or not this man was to be the one she committed to walking through life with for the rest of her days. What I love about Lindsey is that she believes God for His promises and that He can speak clearly to His people. Her faith so encourages mine. Well, God honored her belief and spoke directly to her, giving her an undeniable assurance that Eric was the man He had chosen for her. They dated for about six months and then on a rainy day in January, he asked her to be his bride. Jimmy and I had the privilege of photographing their engagement and I can remember standing with Eric praying before Lindsey arrived. We asked God that their marriage would be one that brought Him great glory and praise, that people who encountered them as a couple would be changed and shown the love of Christ.


Well, 8 months later, I stood in the sanctuary of a church in Galveston and watched as these two sang praises to God before vowing forever to one another. Their guests joined them in song and I remember thinking that God had already answered our prayers. That together as a couple, their love for God and subsequently one another, was affecting so many. Tears flowed and my heart was full as I captured such a beautiful day. I can truly say, they are better together than apart and I cannot wait to see where their journey takes them!


Eric and Lindsey, your wedding blessed me in countless ways but your relationship with God does even more than that. Thanks for being our dear friends and for allowing me the privilege of documenting just a joyful day in your lives. The best is yet to come.


Enjoy some favs of mine from their wedding!


P.S. These two are so full of spunk and joy…please take notice of the heel clicking pics. My favorites.
Brown_0007 Brown_0004 Brown_0005 Brown_0006 Brown_0008 Brown_0010 Brown_0011 Brown_0012 Brown_0014 Brown_0016 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15 Brown_0019 Brown_0023 Brown_0024 Brown_0025 Brown_0029 This is how they felt about being married. Brown_0030 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15 Sometimes you just gotta whip your hair. View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15 View More: http://maryfieldsphotography.pass.us/brown-wedding-9-12-15

To see more of Lindsey and Eric’s wedding day, view the gallery below. 

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Happy Thanksgiving | The Practice of Daily Thankfulness

We were sitting at their table doing a pre-marital counseling session. I remember so distinctly what he said when I asked the question, ‘How do you keep a healthy marriage when it will inevitably get hard as life brings its challenges?’ He looked at me and said with the utmost confidence, ‘Mary, practicing regular thankfulness covers a multitude of grievances. It keeps our eyes on the right things.’ 

I’ll never forget that advice from our premarital counselors because it caused me to stop and think. How true it was, not just for marriage but for all things in life. Practicing regular thankfulness makes even the most challenging things less overwhelming. It changes our perspective. It takes our eyes off of the things we don’t have, the circumstances we wish were different and the things we just simply cannot change. Instead, thankfulness places our sights on the many blessings we have and changes the tune of our hearts. I made a promise to myself right there, that in my marriage and really in life, I would do my best to practice regular thankfulness for all that God has blessed me with. So, on this day of designated thanksgiving, here are a few things I am personally grateful for…in no particular order.

  1. Friendship- Oh, the sweet friends that I have who are constant in walking with me through life. I will never be able to adequately thank them for being by my side in the good and bad.
  2. Laughter- I laughed pretty hard yesterday at something my husband did and it made me grateful for those belly kind of laughs that take over your whole body and leave you feeling refreshed. It’s simple but it’s vital.
  3. Coffee- Can I get an Amen?! I used to be a hater but I came to see the light. Oh, how I am so thankful for this gift from God. It’s good. I look forward to it each day. It wakes me up and well, I just like it.
  4. A business that both challenges me and brings me joy- This is not always a given as sometimes my business can cause me to doubt and feel inadequate but really, I’m thankful for that too because it keeps me from getting too comfortable. I just celebrated 4 years of MFP and that astounds me. I’m thankful for the places it has taken me, the lives it has brought me in touch with and the innumerable ways this journey has stretched me.
  5. Nephews- Internet, I’m sure you are tired of seeing pics of me and my nephews. I’d love to say it will stop but let’s be real. It won’t. Being Aunt Mae Mae is my absolute favorite and I think my four nephews are just the greatest.
  6. Chocolate- It may seem trivial but I do believe God gives us things we enjoy simply for the enjoyment of it. Chocolate definitely fits in this category and so I am thankful for it. Go ahead and judge me. I can take it.
  7. Autumn- We don’t get much of it here in Dallas but it is without a doubt my favorite season. I love the crispness of the air, the brightness of the sun, the fact that you can wear shorts or pants and be comfortable and of course the way the leaves change into incredible hues. As Anne Shirley says, ‘I’m so glad I live in world where there are Octobers.’ Couldn’t agree more, Anne.
  8. Family- This year is particularly special because my family grew significantly when I changed my last name and embraced a whole new party of people. I have always loved family and this year it has only gotten sweeter. All of them are a gift and they teach me about Christ in ways they don’t even know.
  9. Travel- I feel like I have lived out of a suitcase quite a bit over the last few years and especially the last couple of months. It can get tiring but I am grateful that God allows me opportunities to see His creation, to broaden my view of culture and people and to let me experience Him in new ways. It’s a gift.
  10. Marriage- This is maybe my favorite for 2015. I got married almost 8 months ago and they have been some of the sweetest months of my life. I love my husband more with each passing day and our marriage shows me  Christ in ways I didn’t know were possible. Being married to him has made me softer, stronger, healthier and more like Jesus. I am so thankful for all of this and most importantly for him!
  11. Salvation- Ok, so maybe there is somewhat of an order. I conclude on this because to be honest, none of the above would have meaning without this one. In a world that is constantly bombarded with bad news of wicked acts, disregard for humanity and senseless murder, I am so thankful for hope. Hope in something that is eternal. Someone. The hope that through Jesus Christ, this is not the end. My hope is an eternal home where there is no sorrow, no tears, no mourning and no hate. There is only the glory of dwelling with God forever. That is the best news I will ever hear and ultimately the thing I am most grateful for on this day of Thanksgiving.

So, I hope today you will make your own list but even more, I hope that this will not simply be an annual occurrence but instead, that you and I both would practice regular thankfulness. It is so very important.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Tips and Tricks | Why Bridals?


It’s been a long time since I have posted a Tips and Tricks post but since wedding season is slowing down and PLANNING season is gearing up, I thought it would be a good time. So, today I’d love to share with you some thoughts on why a bride should consider a bridal session.

You’ve gotten that beautiful dress that made all of your family tear up when they saw you in it. You put it on and felt like it was made JUST FOR YOU. Now you’re trying decide whether or not to partake in that somewhat Southern tradition of bridals…

Often times clients will ask me why they should do bridals, and even though I DO recommend giving engagements priority if you have to choose between the two, there are some great reasons to do bridals. First of all, while we will have a little time to get beautiful images of you in your dress on wedding day, it will not be very long. A full bridal session makes sure that you have plenty of images of you in your dress and all dolled up as a bride! Not only that, but it serves as a great trial run for hair, makeup and overall dress fitting before the big day. I have so many brides change minor things with their alterations, shoes, hair and makeup after being in the dress for the 2 hours that a bridal session allows. It is also great because you can have a bridal portrait on display for the reception! Not to
mention, you simply get more time to wear that gorgeous dress which, let’s be honest, you just don’t get to wear it long enough!

Just like your engagements, the best time of day is the last 2-3 hours of daylight. I recommend planning a day that you can take off work and enjoy the process. Don’t make it more stressful on yourself than is necessary!

Like engagements, the location should fit YOUR personality as a bride, not what you’ve seen others do. Don’t be afraid to be different! Also, keep in mind the material of your dress and if it would snag easily. An open field may not be the best choice if your dress is overlaid in lace!


  • Get your hair and make-up done! It’s worth it and will make a huge difference.
  • Bring a bouquet – Without your groom to interact with, this is a great way to give your hands something to do!
  • Bring a family member or a friend with you to help. You will be in a big white dress so your mobility will be limited! Plus, it’s a fun experience with those that you love.

Hope this helps if you’re trying to decide if bridals are a good idea!

Happy Friday!

Bridals_0001 Bridals_0002 Bridals_0003 Bridals_0004 Bridals_0006 Bridals_0007 Bridals_0008 Bridals_0009 Bridals_0010 Bridals_0011 Bridals_0012 And here is one from my own bridal session!



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