Take Me Back Tuesday: Being Aunt Mae Mae


It’s a funny thing being an aunt. It’s not near the weight or responsibility of being a mom. You don’t worry about their behavior, ponder how you will deal with teenage years or fret over paying for their education. You don’t lie in bed at night worrying about whether or not you’re doing things right or if they’ll turn out ok.

No, being an aunt means you get to just enjoy them and take pride in all they do. I remember holding my oldest nephew when he was first-born and feeling like that little child owned me. I was amazed at how someone so small…someone I had just met, could have such a profound impact on me. I’ve felt that same way about the two nephews that followed and I am sure I’ll feel that way with every one coming that I have the privilege to call niece or nephew. I can honestly say the aunt gig is one of my all time favorite roles. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Well, this Aunt Mae Mae got to celebrate her youngest nephew’s first birthday a few weeks ago and I was one proud auntie! Sweet Gideon celebrated his first year of life by smashing some cake and very happily opening gifts from friends (or maybe letting mom open them but still.) This little man is the chillest, happiest and most joyful babe. I have loved watching his little personality develop over the last year and can honestly say I’ve only seen him cry a handful of times. No joke. I’m sure he cries more than it seems but on the whole, he is one to ‘go with the flow’ and smile regularly. That smile…well let me tell you it is killer. If he didn’t already have my heart, he just has to flash me an ear to ear toothy grin and I’m melted to a puddle on the floor. I can’t wait to see how this young boy grows and how his personality continues to unfold.

You can bet that as he grows up, his Aunt Mae Mae is one of his biggest fans!

So, in the name of first birthdays, happy smiles and having the greatest aunt gig,

I Say, Take Me Back!

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