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It’s Friday, y’all.

Can’t believe I just said that. Last week I posted about going shooting and now I’m using the word, ‘y’all.’ Which, let’s be honest, is not a word. Oh dear. Texas life is rubbing off on me and I don’t know what I think about it. Now, I am from Oklahoma where they also say, ‘y’all,’ but for whatever reason I’ve begun to succumb more since living here. Stay strong, Mary! Stay strong.

While there are some things about Texas living that I try to resist, there are also some really sweet and rich things about living here. A particular thing comes to mind today. One specific blessing about Texas living that I am oh SO grateful for…is my sweet roommates. We have been living together for almost four months now and I couldn’t be more blessed to live with these two. They bless my life more than they know with their wisdom, their listening ears and their laughter. In the last six months we have been through a lot together. They laugh when I pull an ‘Oh Mary’ moment. They are amused to see how long it takes me to get out of my pajamas on any particular day (hey, working from home has its perks). They listen to me as I work through my own fears and anxieties, providing me with level-headed perspectives. They make me get up and exercise with them even when I don’t want to because they know it’s good for me. They help calm me down. They laugh AND rejoice with me. They even give me Valentine’s Day cards…how thoughtful is that?!?!?

I am reminded today to thank the Lord for putting such dear friends into my world. I say this over and over again, but it’s just true. I am blessed beyond belief!

Here’s to sweet friends/roommates that make life better!

Happy Friday….y’all!


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