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My dad wanted four boys. God apparently has a sense of humor though because well, He gave him four girls. Even more, four girls in only three tries. The entire time I grew up, he always joked that each of us needed to have four boys and as many girls as it took. Sixteen grandsons was his request. He was joking…mostly. However, we call it the Powell family curse. Girls. Girls. Girls. When my mom gave birth to my little sister, all she could think about was prom dresses, braces, and weddings. Often times my dad would play the ‘Hairband Game.’ Basically, he would walk through the house and inevitably be able to point to a hair tie or bobby pin on the ground at least within ten feet of himself. Unfortunately, it was not often that he lost that game. Our house was and is full of giggles…LOTS of giggles. We played Barbies, dress-up and spent hours in the bathroom learning how to apply make-up. It was a household made mostly of women.

This Take Me Back post is particularly dear to my heart because you see, last Saturday my family experienced something very new. My sister, Allison, and her husband had a baby gender reveal party for their upcoming addition to the family! Friends and family gathered to find out if we would be welcoming a little boy or a little girl into our world. Everyone wore pink or blue to cast their vote and well, I went with what I knew and wore pink. They had taken the envelope the doctor had given them to reveal the gender and went to Gymboree. They picked out one girl outfit and one boy outfit and went to the register. Handing the clothes, some money and the envelope to the cashier they explained the situation and walked away, requesting that the cashier read the results and wrap the correct outfit. They then left and came back 20 minutes later…the secret revealed. As we sat in the living room, anticipation was thick. Jacob and Allison opened their gift and inside found the sweetest news.

The Powell family curse was BROKEN!!! Come July, I will have a NEPHEW!!!!! Both Allison and Jacob beamed with delight as they held the little blue outfit in their hands. What a day of rejoicing! I can’t wait to get that little boy in my arms and love him until he can’t take it anymore. Aunt Mary is definitely going to be the cool aunt out of the bunch (Beth and Emily…watch out). Unfortunately, each of us aunts have one slight disadvantage…we know NOTHING about boys!!! Going to have to take a crash course and improve my sports/video game skills!

So, in the name of nephews, aunts, the color blue and sweet gifts of precious life,

I say, Take Me Back!

(J-Baby will arrive in July and my twin sister’s child, Baby G, will be making his/her appearance in April! They are waiting to find out the gender until the baby is born so watch out…I may have two nephews or one of each. My life is so blessed!)

That’s my nephew!!!!!! He’s a prayer warrior already, folks!

Oops, Jacob the mustache is upside down.

The middle group refused to take ‘sides.’ Notice both my mother and grandmother are in that group. Grandmas love unconditionally I suppose. 

I had to post a few of these because the expressions are just too great…especially my grandmother’s.

Favorite. Pure joy. 

Can’t believe she is a Momma!!! To a boy!!!!!

Katie O'Keefe - February 12, 2013 - 8:01 pm

This is so cute! It’s funny because I was the first girl on my dad’s side for 2-3 generations and my brother was the first boy on my mom’s side. It’s always exciting to learn what the baby will be…cute shower!

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