TMBT | First Married Holiday and What I’m Thankful For

If you’ve followed the blog for even half a week…you will undoubtedly know that I am hopelessly sentimental. I used to try to subdue it but I’ve learned to embrace that side of me and to laugh at how it makes my every day a little different from other people’s. I love to celebrate. Everything. Yep, even last night Jimmy and I did a little celebratory dance after finally getting our house clean. Come on people, it’s the little things! Plus, trust me, it needed to be cleaned.

So, you can imagine that holidays are always a fun thing for your truly. Be it July 4th (my fav holiday), Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will find me fully embracing the traditions and the celebrations. Well, this year marks something big. Holidays are almost always spent with family and this year, my family grew exponentially as I took on a new last name. Being the last of my sisters to get married, the system for handling holidays on my side was already set in place so that meant that this Thanksgiving was spent with my hubby’s family…now MY family! It is said that when you marry a man, you marry his family too and I just have to tell you, I feel pretty darn lucky to have married into the family that I did. They have welcomed me with open arms, never made me feel like an outsider and loved me from the start. Both his immediate family and his extended family are true gifts to us both. Often times at the Powell Thanksgiving table, we will go around and share what we are thankful for. Well, this year, if you’d asked me I would have said this, ‘I’ve always been thankful for family but this year I am especially thankful that the meaning of that word has expanded this year. So blessed to call both sides family.’

So, here are a few snapshots that we took at the Driver/Browder Family Thanksgiving. After all, when you have a photographer marry into the family, you sure had better expected this kind of thing to be subsequent. Just sayin’.

Jones_0063 Did I mention that a good portion of Jimmy’s family are Texas Longhorn fans…yeah, you should pray for family unity every October. Boomer.  Jones_0064 The Drivers!

Jones_0065 Had to.

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