Take Me Back Tuesday | I Guess This Means I Live in Texas

I’m an Oklahoma girl…through and through. All you Texans out there, don’t judge me but I never really wanted to live in Texas. When you grow up an Okie it’s engrained in you. It just is. However, God has a sense of humor I suppose because well, here I find myself. A resident in Dallas, TX and not hating it. In fact, I’m even enjoying myself…a little bit. This last Saturday was a big step in my life as a Texas resident (notice I didn’t say ‘Texan’ because I will never concede that. Oklahoman til I die) and also I big step in checking off things on my bucket list. You guessed it, I shot my first gun. I’ve shot a bb gun at camp but let’s face it, this is pretty different. It’s not like we don’t shoot guns in Oklahoma but growing up in a family with mostly women, it just hadn’t happened. Apparently 26 was the year though as I shot my first shotgun this past weekend. My roommate, Julie, is a pro at this (please notice her specially made pink vest) and so she got a group together to shoot some skeet. I tagged along, mostly acting as an encourager, but shot three times and even hit a clay pigeon the third time. A natural, I know. I sent a picture to my family shortly after and pretty much everyone said one of two things: 1. The gun is bigger than you or 2. You looked a little silly. Not exactly the encouragement for the next Daniel Boone or John Wayne but oh well. It’s checked off my bucket list so I’m a happy camper.

So, in the name of guns, Texas residency and bucket lists,

I say, Take Me Back!

She’s legit people. For real…even put the boys to shame. I was a proud roomie.

Now, since I’m the pro at ‘shooting’ with my camera, we didn’t get an official photo of me with the gun. Just an iPhone pic. I’ll let you be the judge to see if I look silly…

Yes, I’m shooting left handed because I’m left eye dominant. Weird.


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