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“Oh, Mary.”

This is a saying my roommates have for me and it began not too long after I began living with them. It was developed out of a few different things. My sometimes lack of observation could be one. My crazy schedule that leads to mounds and mounds of laundry could be another. Sometimes it’s the silly things I do. But mostly, I think it’s the crazy things that happen to me. Cause well…they do.

Sometimes I think about putting my crazy tales into a book and maybe one day I will but for now…the blog will just have to do. You see, crazy things do happen to me and I think mostly it’s because I live at a crazy pace. Not to mention, my job does give me some pretty epic stories. While this one isn’t super epic, it is definitely an, ‘Oh, Mary’ kind of story. You see, I was sick all last week with a sore throat and some sort of virus. Since I had a wedding on Saturday, I took the week super easy and got on some antibiotics to help get me ready for the weekend. I was beginning to feel much better on Friday and was confident of the way Saturday would look. Only, that morning, I woke up with a bit of  a surprise. Pink Eye had come to call. YES! That thing you are supposed to get as a child NOT as a full-grown adult who has to shoot a wedding!!!! Geez. Where in the world did I get that? Well, thus began the discussion…what should I do?!?! Trying to stay calm I headed to the urgent care clinic and impatiently tapped my feet as I waited. Didn’t they know I had a wedding in two hours and my eye was in complete rebellion to its natural order?! I finally got in to see the doctor and she says, ‘Well, you have pink eye.’ Yes…thank you. I had no idea. No offense to doctors but this is one diagnosis I could have given myself. ‘Sooooooooo…I’m supposed to be photographing a wedding in two hours. Can I do this since I’m highly contagious.?’ She thought for a minute and replied, ‘Yes, but don’t touch anything.’ Now for those of you who are photographers, you will know this is quite a difficult thing to ask of me. Don’t touch anything? Ha! On a wedding day, that is torturous and somewhat paralyzing. Well, the next step was to call the bride and let her in on the news. Oh Internet, yet again I find myself so thankful for the clients that God gives me. They spoil me with their trust and with their understanding. This sweet bride took it so well and was so gracious to me! So very thankful. Well, we worked it out where I would come and do as the doctor said…not touch anything but my camera. Thankfully, my friend Rachel, who is also a photographer came along to help. All day, she was an extension of me and would do all the things I normally do and I would simply shoot. I’d say, ‘I‘m going to fix your hair for just a sec….ok…actually no I’m not going to do that…Rachel can you move her hair?”Here let me take your bouquet…(cough) I mean…uh…Rachel can you grab her bouquet?” It was comical. So comical. Then there was the introductions of family members, bridal party, and wedding coordinators. “It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Mary.” (they hold out their hand to shake mine) “Yes, well, I’d shake your hand but you see… I have pink eye.” Like I said, comical! By the end of the night, my voice was even gone and Rachel had to be my voice. I’m pretty sure all of the guests thought I was a wedding diva…having my assistants move everything, be my voice and do everything but push the shutter!  A night for the record books but one I am thankful for! Thankful because God worked it out for me to still celebrate with my clients, capture their special day and do what I love. Just with some gloves, glasses and some people who saved the day! Not to mention, these photos are going to go great in my end of the year, Behind the Scenes post…

A special thank you to my assistant Julie and my ‘hands’ Rachel. You two did such an amazing job helping me on what could have been a crazy day. Julie, thanks for lead shooting more than normal, sanitizing gear and helping me figure it all out. As always, you are a champ. Rach, thanks for being my hands and for making me feel like a diva! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Well, here’s to a healthy and happy Friday!
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Rachel - October 3, 2014 - 2:30 pm

Oh, Mary! What a blessing it was to help out! You are so talented, even with a funky eye!

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